Beautiful Story

by Pauline Sukhdev Drossart



This album was recording live in 2006. We had a beautiful time making this. I was in Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training and exploring different aspects of myself. It was a rich journey working with great people...


released May 30, 2006

All words & music, Guitar & Vocals by Pauline Sukhdev Drossart
Produced by Arvind Singh
Percussion by Akahdahmah
Guitar, keyboards and Cajon by Arvind Singh
Bass and Contra Bass by John Hart & John Graves
Trumpet by Ryan Bullard
Engineered by Howard Lipp
Mastered by Bruce Maddocks



all rights reserved


AYKANNA Topanga, California

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Track Name: Wrapped In You
Pretty green eyes, be still and know.
Caress my being
Listen to me with your ears closed.
The buzz of our times in your bones.

Pre Chorus
But tell me
Do wings have to spread to fly?
Do i need permission to be?
Does my name need to be made of letters?
Leaving all things forgotten.

I am a gift wrapped up in you,
I am nothing and everything.
I am, all that you love and all that you hate.
Still I am all wrapped up, in you.

Staring at me, can you see you
Hungry for knowing.
I still find myself wandering and lost. So lost.

Pre Chorus
But tell me
Do you feel like your life is coming?
Or have you got it all right now?
Can you read my mind with your soul?
Is your cup empty to receive ?

Chorus x1

You heard me whisper your name,
within the cry of my emptiness.
It’s time to give in to your love.

Chorus out
You are a gift wrapped up in me.
You are, nothing and everything.
You are, all that I love and all that I hate
Still I am all wrapped up,
Still you are all wrapped up,
Still I am all wrapped up, in you.
Track Name: Through You
Written by Pauline Drossart (Purjus Publishing/ASCAP)
Verse 1
Before I met you,
I had nowhere to call home.
You made me see. it lived in my soul.
You’re like the morning sun
That gently settles my storm.
Your love showed me how To Live and let go.

Through you, I found freedom.
Loving you, I found happiness.
Through you, I found heaven.
I learned how to love, through you.

Verse 2
Perfectly placed in the center of my heart.
Nothing, nothing, will tear us apart.
Life has many ups and downs
But You’re always there,
You’re Love’s never changing,
I’m so thankful you care.

Chorus x1


I got to tell you something
wonderful is happening to me,
since you been a part of in my life.

Chorus x1

Track Name: L'Amour
Written by Pauline Sukhdev Drossart
(Purjus Publishing/ASCAP)

Verse 1
L’amour, elle m’a tous montrez
L’amour m’a tout explique.
L’amour, m’a resussiter.
L’amour m’a liberer.

Quand je danse ma vie, avec amour. Avec amour.
Tous les passages que j’ai traverse, de souffrance n’existe plus,
Quand je vis avec l’amour.

Verse 2
Elle me fait rever.
L’amour , l’amour, m’a tous montrez,
Comment cree de la musique avec, un seul desire,
C’est de toucher , l‘amour

Quand je danse la vie,
Quand je danse ma vie avec amour.
Il n’y a rien d’autre a poursuivre .
Il’n’y a rien d’autre a chercher.

Vamp out
Quand Il y a de l’amour , oh oh oh oh
Quand il ‘ y a de l’amour

Il n’y a plus rien a chercher
quand il’y a de l’amour , l’amour, l’amour , dans ton Coeur.
Track Name: Beautiful Story
Beautiful Story
Written By Pauline Drossart
ASCAP/Purjus Publishing

Verse 1
it's not so complicated to see
past the tears on your face and believe,
The storm is leaving.
Worn out tapestries
That once defined you, can no longer be.
stained glass window soul etched in gold.
you can't hide a dream with an open heart.
Can you love?

So begin it now, right now.
kiss my face,
feel every feeling you always escaped.
our beautiful story could end tomorrow
So begin it now, right now.g
Let me taste (it all)
Draw yourself into this empty space,
our beautiful story could end tomorrow.

Verse 2
Soft and pure inward sun comes to shine.
That boyish smile, carved in my heart.
pieces of moments collide,
and spin into shooting stars,
in my empty skies.
I feel your tide rising up on me.
Your silent lips tell me love stories.
in color without an end

Chorus out